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Cara. Libra. In Love and out of control.

23. August 2014

Wednesday. August 27th at 2pm in Cambridge Maryland at the circuit court address 206 High street. On the corner of gay street and high street. Yep.

Anonymous: Haha yea right. It'd be fun to get wasted

Yeah! Come partyyy. Im like not even 2 hours away! We can go to the gay bars! :p

Anonymous: Yeahhh:) falls way better. Hopefully can go on some hikes

Yeah :) its gonna be my birthday! Come party with meeee.

Anonymous: That's good my summers just been another season basically. It's hat to have fun with no friends hah

Yeah I feel you. But the friends I uses to have just suck so I don’t care. Haha. Ready for fall? :)

Anonymous: How's your summer so far?

Its been fine! Not super crazy but eventful :)